Simple 2D light shader in Unity

Lighting in 2D games can be achieved by different means. In Unity you can find nice assets in the asset store or use the 3D classic lights by changing your sprite shader from default to diffuse. What I want to achieve here is a very simple light effect by addding a sprite mask on top of my scene and modify the resulting color in a shader to emulate light like the image below:

Unity 2D parabolic trajectory / projectile motion calculation

If you need to calculate the trajectory of a projectile launched by your character or by a NPC, or if you need to find the velocity you need to apply to your character to make him jump to a specific point in your 2D Unity game and you don't know anything about it, this article is for you!

Unity basic custom popup Property drawer

With Unity4 came a nice feature : Property drawers.

They allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of your class property and thus create a nice and robust interface in Unity's editor.

One thing I needed when coding my classes was the ability to show a basic popup select list. It allowed me to choose the right behavior for the gameObject depending on this particular field value.

Best video game memories

I played a lot of video games but some of them had something special that made them an unforgettable gaming experience. Keep in mind I also enjoyed playing many other games but since I can't list them all here, so I chose the ones that will influence me as part of my gaming culture as a video game designer.

My favourite animes

I really enjoy watching animes because they convey a lot of emotions and they are not as limited by the advancement of special effects technology as movies are. When animating a character you are not limited to the human body and can exaggerate expressions or movements to deliver a wide range of messages. Here is a list of my favourite animes with comments.


About culture

I believe that one's culture and aspirations can make a difference during each project. It influences our pencil when we're drawing and the way we interact with other people. Here are some elements of my own culture.