Ô menu

Jun 2013

I made this GUI for my personal project: Ô open-universe. I am working on this project on my spare time and I really want it to be fun and refreshing.


The artistic theme of the game has black contours, rough colorization. The overall theme is very close to French comics called "Bande Dessinées". The planet in the center of the screen is called Ô, this is the world players will explore. The creation of the character is made on another planet where gods test their creations before sending them on Ô. There is also a moon for options and a destroyed planet for the exit menu item.

Main menu

O menu

Login menu

O login


O options

What's next?

The menu items are temporary. I am still thinking of how I could make the creation, deletion and selection of a character more fun with powerful gods playing like kids and small evil creatures making comments and throwing tomatoes on deleted characters.


I am still developing this menu, so the code will be avaiable soon!