Ô open universe

Feb 2011

Ô open-universe is my personnal video game project. It is an online roleplaying video game taking place in an universe I wrote with the help of some friends.


Ô is a fantasy world not far from ours. One day, the powerful but lazy gods of its the universe decided to bestow some of their knowledge upon the people of Ô by pouring some of the sacred liquid of knowledge called Ô. With this weekly rain of knowledge they could sleep and play their lazy games instead of looking after their creations. But, after a party, one of them forgot to pour some Ô. As soon as he realized it, he grabbed the barrel and ran, but he stumbled on a cloud and dropped the barrel on fourteen old men. Those men would become the wise leaders of the 14 nations and the one who only received the empty barrel on his fortunate head would become the leader of the only civilization with no magic. Each of them had received a part of the gods knowledge, and each of them thought they knew it all.

Ô open universe planet

Game concept

Ô is a survival, exploration, building and political game. I hope to reunite strategy and roleplaying games by giving to players the power to change their environment. You will be able to build cities and hire non player characters and rule. They will be no levels or classes per se and everything will remain open to change. You will be able to create your own schools and thus be able to craft your skills and spells and spread your teachings around the world. Ô won't be a game with dark evil enemies and you won't be the one hero everyone hoped for. It will be a realistic survival game in a fantasy world.


I studied different mythologies and came up with 14 different civilizations, each having its own design and specificity. All the following civilizations are inspired by one theme indicated in parentheses but this not an historical game, the universe is new and each civilization has its own design.

  • Akkadia (mesopotamian)
  • Aztlan (pre-Columbian)
  • Bantaoui (african)
  • Erdélie (medieval)
  • Eunoïa Polis (ancient greece)
  • Fēi lóng (asian)
  • Heredryns (technology)
  • Talvånia (nordic)
  • Thoûtmès (egyptian)
  • Tir Maen (celtic)
  • Underground (underground)
  • Vaât'Si (hindu)
  • Warlpari (oceanic)
  • Wintu (native american)

Ô open universe map

Design concept

Ô will be open-source and collaborative. We will provide the community the tools to improve the game and to players the tools to create missions, to shape cities, kingdoms and alliances.


The game client is written in C++ and I chose open-source libraries (Ogre3D, CEGUI and Raknet) to allow us to achieve better compatibility on different platforms.

We are currently developing the game menu, the client-server network and the terrain paging and I will post all the news here.

Ô terrain generation screenshot