2D platform video game props

Sep 2015

For my 2D platform video game I designed a good part of the props thus freeing my graphics designer for animations and backgrounds.

Street lights

For the street lights I wanted to achieve some modular lamppost sprites. The idea behind this is to be able to create some variation in the game without recreating a whole new sprite. Instead we can just combine sprite parts.

Lamppost sprite endingLamppost sprite pole

I also designed a broken version of the lamp for gameplay purposes (characters can destroy lamps in the game). The light is managed with a specific sprite and a shader I wrote.

Lamppost sprite head

Flower pots

Flower pots have the bad habit to fall, so for this I draw different stages of destruction of the pots. In Unity I can interpolate the damage the pot will receive and update the sprite accordingly. The pot can also be completly destroyed and in this case I replace the original sprite by multiple smaller sprites and the physic system take care of the rest. I also separated the leaves in two so I can simulate some movement during the fall.

Flower pot sprite


For the tree I chose to color to color the laves with a autumn theme. I also designed some leaves apart to use them with Unity particle system. This way I can generate some random falling leaves to simulate wind.

Tree sprite

Tree leaves sprite

Ground props

I designed some funny details such as dinosaurs or treasures for the ground sprite. But when you add too much details to a sprite that is in the background it does not feel right because the player's eyes are attracted to this part of the screen and overwhelm the player with useless information. That's why I chose to make details less visible in the game by adding some transparency and lowering the saturation of the sprites.

Ground sprite