Who am I ?

My name is Charles Mattei and I am a software engineer and I currently live in Los Angeles. I graduated from a french "Grande Ecole" and I am specialized in video game development and information systems. I have 6 years experience in software developement and I am passionate by video game creation.

I started using computers very young with a commodore 64. As a child, I would spend a lot of time playing video games and thinking of new video game concepts or how to improve existing ones. I always kept a creative and open mind, drawing, painting, playing and enjoying all kind of games and entertainment as often as I could. With Internet and online gaming, I started to design and implement websites and forums for my fellow gamers and thus began my programming experience. After finishing my studies, I worked for 2 years as a software engineer in Telecoms and in my spare time I started to learn video game creation. Since I was fond of online role-playing games, I decided to start my own project as a hobby. I first worked on the background, studying mythology and interesting game design concepts, before delving into the code. I decided to go for open-source and use Ogre3D engine in combination with other open-source libraries. I also followed a 3DsMax training and really enjoyed creating characters concepts and new objects for my world.

I then moved from Paris to Marseille and joined a leading French open-source company where I became a technical project manager and a lead developer during 4 years, leading teams of up to 12 people on large scale projects. I really enjoyed working with web technologies and used my recently acquired knowledge to create a good looking interface for my game in my spare time. I also started to learn CEGUI and I quickly joined their community helping them to improve their visibility by creating new demo designs, a new graphic identity and a brand new website. With this collaboration I expanded my user interface understanding to real-time applications and came closer to my goal of making a video game.

I took the opportunity of my move to Los Angeles to create a video that I could actually publish. For this project I followed a Unity training where I met a graphic designer that was interested in my project and we decided to team up. I also decided to hone my skills on visualization and 3D programming with a few formal classes during this year.

The project is going very well and I hope to see it on Kickstarter soon, I will also publish some information on this website.

I had to learn all this by myself and I continue to learn as much as I can, reading, coding, sharing and training as much as I can. Video games creation, computer graphics and programming are my priorities now.

Why this site ?

After working 6 years in software services I decided it was time for me to join a more creative industry. Moving from France to Los Angeles, the capital of entertainment, is the perfect opportunity for me to achieve this change. I made this website to share my work and my movitation to find new opportunities and new people to work with. 

Future prospects

I have studied and experimented video game and media assets creation with my own game project and I am now ready to continue my work on a professional level. I am looking for a video game or media company in the Los Angeles area.

Thanks to my versatile profile I am comfortable with these positions:

  • Video game developer (gameplay, tools, engine)
  • UI developer (passion for UI design and development, working with CEGUI open-source community for 2 years)
  • Senior web developer (6 years experience, from low level telecoms to high level CMS such as Drupal).
  • Lead developer (3 years experience, mentoring, reviewing code and providing training)
  • Agile technical project manager (3 years experience leading up to 12 developers, focused on talent and team)

Please feel free to contact me as I am always happy to share with other passionate people!