About culture

I believe that one's culture and aspirations can make a difference during each project. It influences our pencil when we're drawing and the way we interact with other people. Here are some elements of my own culture.

Give your projects a "french touch"

French artists, musicians and video game designers all have something special in common that help make their productions different, attractive and full of emotions. I have been living in France for 30 years and it never fails to inspire me with its beauty and diversity. When I draw I like to think of the beautiful landscapes and cities I saw in my childhood while visiting the country, they are an endless source of inspiration.

From Paris to LA


I always liked team building and helping people to work together. I started very young by organizing game events for my teammates and later on continued using all this experience at work to lead teams of up to 12 people. I value respect, humility and empathy and that helps me to listen and understand others quickly to find adapted and effective solutions to each problem.

For each project that I worked on, I was focused on the successful communication between each member of the team. This method insured everyone was aware of the short term and long term goals, the technical difficulties and each breakthrough made along the way, and kept everyone motivated and invested in the project.

During my last 2 jobs I contributed to building a renowned and versatile team of experts with complementary skills that I was proud to be a part of.


Here is a list of some of my geeky passions and what I do about them.

  • Computer game creation: I read a lot of technical books and articles, I follow trainings, I chat with Ogre3D and CEGUI team, I create my own video game in my spare time as a hobby.

  • 3D modelling: I followed two 3DsMax trainings and I made several 3D models visible in my achievements page and on my deviantArt gallery. I used Mudbox to create high poly models and xNormal to generate normal maps. I'm quite happy with the results I had and it's a great feeling for me to create a model starting by its sketch and finishing by implemeting it in a 3D engine.

  • Drawing: I started drawing very young and when I started to work I used to draw during my commute in the train. I use both an Inkling and a graphic tablet. I like to follow expert tutorials while making my video game art and graphics to stay on top of the latest drawing techniques.

  • Photography: I think it's important for an artist to study photography because it improves your creation process a lot. By replicating the lenses flaws or depth of field effects your creation will feel more realistic and immersive to a viewer.

  • Painting: I started painting with the Warhammer Battle miniatures game 16 years ago and this experience taught me a lot about obtaining a realistic texture to enhance a 3D model. This helped me to obtain more convincing textures directly on the model with Mudbox to optimize its looks even without advanced dynamic lighting.

  • Playing games: I try to organize roleplaying game sessions with my friends for Shadowrun and Vampires. I prepare scenarii for them and we spend many nights playing. We also play a lot of boardgames and I really like to discover new game mechanics and beautiful artworks. I also play a lot of different video games on various support (you can read my article about my best video game memories to find out what games had a big impact on my culture).

  • Sci Fi / Fantasy / Comics: I watch series, movies and animes avidly. The last books I read were Star Wars novels and encyclopedia. I also read comics and French "Bandes Dessinées".

  • Music: I started to learn the celtic harp a few years ago I must say that it's awesome, especially with an electro-harp.

  • Mythology and History: Most of renowned authors and game designers use mythology and history for inspiration and I am convinced its an never ending source of ideas.