Annoncer la couleur

Jun 2011

"Annoncer la couleur" is a Belgian federal education program that offers original means of education (boardgames, trainings, DVDs, interactive websites, etc.) to teachers to address global issues such as migration, democracy or cooperation. So the Belgian development agency IT team chose Drupal, which was invented in Belgium for their new website and guess what? We were chosen to develop it!

The project

There were 2 websites to develop, one for the Fleming and one for the Walloon people because they do not share exactly the same education program and so the websites and some functionalities were different. So I went to Belgium and made a good number of workshops with the two teams helped by a Dutch speaking colleague. I realized the product backlog with the client and divided the project in 4 sprints. I've written all the specifications and coached developers based in Paris and Marseille. There were a lot of administrative forms to implement in Drupal and the Forms module was put to the test.

The design

I contributed to the design during the workshops with the company in charge of the artistic creation. "Annoncer la couleur" meaning literally "Announce the color", we chose to use bright colors on a white screen.

Annoncer la couleur website

The result

It was really interesting to work with such nice people and for a good cause. Feel free to visit the website "Annoncer la couleur".


Charles was reporting to me when he started out as a project manager at Linagora. I was immediately surprised by Charles' maturity, his sense of commitment, his availability, his ability to mitigate risks and to troubleshoot any technical or human issues efficiently.
Charles is also a creative and talented web developer, who doesn't hesitate to think outside the box to exceed his objectives, and who is particularly pleasant to work with.

Jean Semère, Technical Account Manager at Google