Best video game memories

I played a lot of video games but some of them had something special that made them an unforgettable gaming experience. Keep in mind I also enjoyed playing many other games but since I can't list them all here, I chose the ones that will influence me as part of my gaming culture as a video game designer.


Doom: I still have the sound effects of doors echoing in my mind and visions of monsters shooting at you. I also played Duke Nukem a lot, Rise of the triad and Hexen.


Dungeon Master II: My first dungeon crawler roleplaying game. It was really hard and sometimes scary because you could get suprised by ennemies due to the limited field of view. I enjoyed the possibility to bargain with the merchants.

Dungeon Master II

Full Throttle: So many memories of that game. It was one of the best point and click made by LucasArt. The universe was so cool and the dialogs were fun. I remember riding my awesome bike and fighting for the honor the clan.

Full Throttle

Flashback: I was fully immersed in the story, the sound effects and the music were nice for the SNES.


Robinson's Requiem: It was my first survival game, I had to figure out how to assemble things together to make a fishing rod and survive another night in the middle of wilderness, I remember the health monitoring panel very well and I think a quality immersive game like this hasn't been reproduced yet.

Robinson's Requiem

Dungeon Keeper: Playing the good guy is overrated. In Dungeon Keeper you play the bad guy, building a terrible dungeon for adventurers. The eccentricity of this title, the fun and all the little details made it unique. I am a fan of Peter Molyneux titles.

Dungeon Keeper

Baldur's Gate: As a fan of tabletop role-playing games I am often disappointed by RPG video games because of their linearity. But in Baldur's Gate the possibilities were huge. I really liked the fact that your choices had consequences. The exploration and the story were very good too.

Baldur's Gate

Half-Life: The narrative of Half-Life was excellent and seamless because there were no cutscenes, the story was fully integrated with scripted animations. With all the interactions with the environment the immersion was perfect.


Sim City 2000: I spent hours on that game building giant cities and fighting elements and aliens. When I played I was always thinking of how I could improve this game by adding monuments, city trading and new events.

Sim City

Quarantine: Hey Taxi! This was an interesting game following Doom's success but adding an open world dimension with some quests and an awesome post apocalyptic taxicab with a minigun. I loved using the ejection seat when a client displeased me.


Zelda LTTP: I also spent hours on Zelda a link to the past on my SNES. It was so enchanting and quite difficult too, some of my best video game memories. I could not find this magic again in the later opus although they are good games too.


Red Alert: I loved red alert because it was a lot of fun in a wargame. Cinematics were really cool and improved the game a lot.

C&C Red alert

Final Fantasy 7: It was the first time I played night and day to finish a game, I really liked all the mini games and the open world exploration.

Final Fantasy VII

Heroes of Might and magic II: HommII was great, excellent soundtrack, nice graphics, good story and nice gameplay. I also really enjoyed Homm V with Olivier Ledroit artworks.

Heroes of Might & Magic II

Beyond Good & Evil: So much fun with this action-adventure game. One of the best in storytelling and design. I loved the journalism part and the fact that you can actually take pictures of rare animals. Plus this game was made in my hometown, Montpellier in France.

Beyond Good & Evile

Age of wonders II: AoWII added a lot to the genre. Casting spell on the map and no more endless stacks of peons improved the strategy a lot. I enjoyed creating my own wizard and researching the spells I wanted. This game was like Heroes of Might and Magic with a touch of Civilization.

Age of Wonders II

Star Wars KOTOR: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the best Star wars video game. You learn a lot about the universe and have a lot of freedom in your actions. For the first time it feels good to be bad. I played KOTOR2 as well and I remember I could even use the force to persuade someone to jump into the void.

Star wars Knights of the Old Republic

City of Heroes: That was the best mmorpg I ever played and I play a lot of mmorpg. Spells, animations, sound effects, dungeon generation, endless customization and guild base construction. I also enjoyed playing its successor Champions online.

City of Heroes

Vampire Bloodlines: Ok, it has some bugs but the level design, the story and the soundtrack were great. Plus as a Vampire roleplaying game master I wasn't disappointed at all. Some levels were really well designed.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Civilization 4: I played quite all Civilization games but I preferred the fourth opus, because of religions impact, character design and animations and all the civilizations available, Civilization V is also very good.

Civilization IV

Overlord: The design and the concept of that game were great and the gameplay was fun. I especially liked the little creatures' erratic behavior when you send them to do evil, they could jump on sheep to ride them or destroy a pumpkin field and equip themselves with pumpkin-helmets.


Fable II: The interactions you can have with the people of Albion and the environment are very well made. The choices you make have a real impact on you and on your relations to other people. There is a lot of freedom and exploration in the game and also very good customization. It almost feels like you are a part of this living world.

Fable II

Mass effect: This game was a big revelation to me, it was beautiful, had a movie like graphical quality to it and I totally delved into the story. The first opus was the best for me and I was a little disappointed by the second one.

Mass Effect

Crusader Kings II: Strategy and History in medieval times, what else? It is a really complex simulation game but it's great to feel all the plots unraveling around and against you as if you were in a Game of thrones story, but wait, is that really only based on History?

Crusader Kings II

Mount&Blade: As a medieval fan I enjoyed this simulation of chivalry, I was really impressed by the realism of the fights and the way large scale battles are managed.

Mount & Blade

Patapon: That was the first rhythm game I really liked because it is also a god game, the design is really clean and perfect for the psp. PON-PON-PATPON!


Divinity Original Sin: This is the best fantasy roleplaying game I have ever played. First of all it is build for 2 players (which is perfect for my wife an me). Then there is a lot of freedom in the game. You can customize your appearance, skills, talents, spells and explore the world as you like. There are some nice interactions with the environment too. The soundtrack and voice acting is really good and talking to characters is a lot of fun. Final point, the story is great.