Bouygues DSL dashboard

Dec 2008

Bouygues Telecom is a French mobile phone and internet provider and IPTV company.

The project

I had the opportunity to work with Bouygues for the creation of a nice and ergonomic dashboard to supervise their DSL modems.

We created probes and analyzed their data to display graphs and trends. I created the design and integrated everyone's work into the dashboard then added a calendar and made the CSS.

The result

I was really happy when I heard a colleague working directly with the supervision team saying that the team really enjoyed working with the dashboard we made.

Charles has excellent interpersonal skills which allows him to be appreciated by both clients and colleagues.

His acute sense of aesthetics and his artistic creativity makes him an essential asset in the world of computer engineering that lacks it so often.
During our time together at Bull, he has proven to be a quick learner which gives him the means to master new skills and adapt fast in the ever changing world of computer science.

Philippe Guillebert, Infrastructure Engineer at Linkfluence