CEGUI website

Mar 2014

CEGUI is an open-source graphical user interface library that I used for my video game project. I learned to use its API and thanks to CEGUI IRC support chat managed to create a nice UI for my project very easily.

As CEGUI core team was really helpful to me, I decided to help them improving their visibility. I started to redesign their logo and then their website. I also designed GUI demos for the Google Summer Of Code 2012 with Lukas "Ident" Meindl.

The logo

Original version

I decided to keep the original colors: acid green and blue.

CEGUI logo 1

New logo

So Crazy Eddie, the funder of CEGUI liked mad scientists, I drew one with Inkscape and added some scientist tools: a laboratory mouse and a flask with bubbles.

CEGUI logo 3

Alternative versions

I also designed some alternative formats for social networks.

CEGUI logo 8

CEGUI logo 4CEGUI logo 5

CEGUI logo 7

The website

I designed the website theme based on the last revision of the logo with squared shapes and bright colors. The design is simple and clean as a generic GUI should be. I also plan to design a generic GUI skin for CEGUI based on that theme. The website template is responsive and adapts itself automatically to low screen resolutions.

CEGUI website

The result

The CEGUI team and I are pretty satisfied of the website and I hope it will boost their visibility. You can visit the website here.

What's next?

We still have a lot of writing to do on the documentation and tutorials and I need to work on skins and demos too. We will probably add new blocks when we need it.