Dune generation

Mar 2011

In order to generate a base terrain for outside landscapes we need a terrain generator because it saves many hours of work and can enhance visual rendering.

We chose to use World machine, because it has a free version of course and also because it can produce very realistic outdoor scenes.

My first creation was a simple desert terrain for Akkadia, a sand region of Ô.

World Machine

With generator blocks you can output a 2D heightmap that your 3D engine will transform into a real 3D landscape saving you the modeling of the terrain. You have many generators at your disposal and community macro you can use to achieve special landscapes. You can play hours with that tool and achieve very realistic worlds.

Worldmachine Voronoi screenshot

You can compile your project and see the result directly.

Worldmachine Voronoi Perlin screenshot

The result

I am quite satisfied with the result and a Art director from Denmark contacted me after the tutorial I wrote because he was really impressed. I was really proud and happy to help him and we made different versions of the desert terrain.

You can follow the tutorial I wrote on the terrain generation and the tutorial to add it in Ogre3D on Ô open universe website.

Ô open universe desert generation

Ô terrain generation screenshot