Goblin model

Jan 2013

One great question was which character to create first for our game project. So I chose to start with a creature that nobody will notice if it's ugly and awkward because it's already supposed to be so : a goblin!

Character design

Goblins have a large head, big jaws, an old man posture with childlike proportions, they also suffer from malnutrition and so have a rather big belly with apparent ribs. They eat everything they find so their teeth are sharp while their mind isn't.

Ô open universe goblin character design


I made a low poly version under 3Ds Max, but no high poly with Mudbox yet.



I chose a cartoon-ish style that goes very well with the contour shader we chose to implement later. These textures allow us to have a rather low poly model with a nice look. A look that does not go out of style !

Adding some funny details will make the character look stupider and so much more likable.

And here are the 2 main textures :

Ô open universe goblin body textureÔ open universe goblin pants texture

For the skin, I've started to draw the black lines, then the shadow with a large rough brush, next added some light with the same brush. To add some details on the skin I changed to a brownish color around the eyes and where the skin is thinner.

I added many small points on top of the bright regions to create the illusion that the skin is not smooth.

I've finished the details by adding very bright edges with a small precise brush and drawing a nice red heart tattoo on his chest.

I used the same technique for the loin cloth texture with some cartoonish patches and used some crosshatching to mark the shadow zones.

The result

Hope you like it !

Ô open universe goblin model with textureÔ open universe goblin model with texture - back

What's next

This was our first model, so there is room for improvement. We will try to animate it soon and give him life in the world of Ô.