HUD menu

Aug 2012

A new logo and a website are good tools to improve your visibility but a demo has more impact. So when I heard that CEGUI demos were chosen for the Google Summer of Code 2012, I decided to help Lukas "Ident" Meindl to create nice demos for his project. After the Space menu demo, the second challenge was the HUD menu. We decided to make a very basic shooter game interface where you can smash some dishes.


I designed the HUD interface as a grand hotel menu with a touch of humor. It has the basic indicators for a shooter game, number of lifes, weapons, bonuses, points and some information about what will come next. The Chef's mustache indicates if he's happy or not.

CEGUI hud menu demo



The code is included in the latest CEGUI release (in samples / HUDDemo), you can download it here. Be sure to read the license here before using it and to thank Lukas "Ident" Meindl for his work.