Jun 2010

MicroWorld is an internet platform that allows individuals and businesses to finance projects of micro-entrepreneurs around the world by making online loans. Born in 2010 from a partnership between the non-governmental organization (NGO) PlaNet Finance and Groupe Allard, the website offers a marketplace of online financing, news and insights on the microfinance field, and a place where lenders can organize their lending activity within an online community.


The website development was separated into a front-end and a back-end for the financial transactions. I had the responsibility of developing the user account called "My Microworld" which contains the user projects, groups and personal information. The CMS we used was Drupal 6 and it was a bit tough to make the user account into something more user friendly but the result is pretty nice and fits very well in the website.

My Microworld



This was a very interesting project because it had a strong social mission. The website received a lot of positive comments on its design and the mission it carries and I am proud to have worked with Microworld team. Feel free to visit Microworld website.