My favourite animes

I really enjoy watching animes because they convey a lot of emotions and they are not as limited by the advancement of special effects technology as movies are. When animating a character you are not limited to the human body and can exaggerate expressions or movements to deliver a wide range of messages. Here is a list of my favourite animes with comments.


Batman the animated series: First aired in 1992, Mark Hamill for the Joker's voice and Danny Elfman for the theme, Batman is a dark animated series. The drawing is based on "film noir" themes and the overall feeling of insecurity in Gotham City is excellent.

Batman the animated series

Gargoyles: From medieval times to the present day, Gargoyles is a dark animated series as well. I really like the parallels drawn between the two eras and how Gargoyles see the modern world.


Avatar, the last airbender: Great animation, great story and a lot of fun. I especially liked the different martial arts techniques used to represent each element.

Avatar, the last airbender

Thundercats: I remember watching this anime when I was young and I was really happy when they decided to make a reboot in 2011. The reboot is really nice and very well animated. The story is good and I am so frustrated they decided to cancel it after only one season.


Jayce: Jayce and the wheeled warriors was not the best animated series I watched when I was a kid but it was fun to see all these plants with wheels. The series used to end always with people laughing even in darkest situations and the story is left unfinished. But even with all its little flaws I still like it because it has a unique universe and plants animation.

Jayce and the wheeled warriors

Cobra: Cobra was a more mature anime. Terasawa drew inspiration from the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo and his character has a lot in common with Belmondo hero and womanizer roles. I liked the universe and some episodes are a good source of inspiration for me.


Saint-Seiya: The knights of Zodiac is a Japanese manga that I watched on TV when I was a kid. I liked the relationship between each knight, his fighting techniques and his constellation represented by its armor named "Cloth". The design of each cloth is the result of long hours of conception and make each little kid dream to become a knight. It is a great source of inspiration for good character design.


The Mysterious Cities of Gold: This French-Japanese anime tells the story of a young spanish boy arriving to the New world. He soon finds himself involved in a quest to find the Cities of Gold. The series is a mix of history of South America and science fiction with solar powered machines. I really like how they integrated elements of science fiction into the religions of South America and made it all in a very coherent universe.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

Ulysses 31:  I like mythology and I like space adventures, Ulysses 31 is both. After killing the Cyclops Ulysses is sentenced to travel the universe, will he find his back to Earth? The transposition of this ancient legend into the space age is really worth watching.

Ulysses 31

Cowboy Bebop: I really like the style and the characters of this Japanese anime. The animation is gorgeous and I can listen to the soundtrack during hours. Its universe is a mix of Western, Space adventures and Yakuza movies that is a solid basis for the design of a coherent futuristic universe.

Cowboy Bebop

Captain Harlock: "Albator" for the French version was a symbol of fighting against corruption and passivity. The anime showed Earth people as lazy and in denial of the threats of the invader which was original.

Captain Harlock

The Clone wars: I was skeptic after the failure of the first clone wars animated series but this one is a Masterpiece. The animation during the fights is perfect, the landscapes are breathtaking and the story keeps getting better. The story starts very gently but it is getting darker from one season to the other. I really loved the end of the story and it definitely fills in the gaps between the episode 2 and 3 of the Star Wars movie saga.

The Clone wars

Monster: This anime is quite realistic and scary. There is a lot of emotion in the characters and you can really feel the pain and the psychology of each one of them. When an episode ends you just have to watch the next one, the suspense is that good.


City hunter: "Nicky Larson" for the French version is an excellent sweeper and bodyguard but he has a big flaw, he's a hopeless pervert. This anime is really funny and I liked the character of Umibozu which is a fearsome giant sweeper afraid of little kitties. The comical contrast between the character strenghs and weaknesses is the basis of the anime. I think each character in a story should have a least a weakness that makes him interesting as a character.

City hunter

Ranma 1/2: Ranma 1/2 changes apparence with cold water which somehow happens at the worst moment for him. In this anime, it is interesting to see the consequences of each misunderstanding created by the transformation and how the main character deals with them and solves them. Ranma 1/2  has both a love story for girls and fights for boys so every kid should like it!

Ranma 1/2

Lucky Luke: The new adventures of Lucky Luke is a French anime based on Lucky Luke comics. It renewed the stories with new scenarios. The anime uses bright color to show emotions (red for rage, green for illness) or for situations (red for fire, blue for nights). The drawings focus on face expressions and they're really good, I like to study how they did it. There's a lot of subtle puns and criticism and references to American history for more mature viewers.

Les nouvelles aventures de Lucky Luke

Space goofs: "Les zinzins de l'espace" for the French version, are 4 (sometimes 5) aliens that crashed on Earth. They take shelter in a house for rent and live in the attic. They have strong personalities and each have their own point of view on humans that they struggle very hard to understand. Their goal is to leave the earth but most of the time they fail to do so it and it's the running gag of the series.

Space goofs

Ultimate Spider-man: This recent Spider-man anime is a lot of fun. Peter is the newest member of SHIELD and tries to build a team of new super-heroes. The anime is really fast paced and with a lot of action. Sometimes Peter even pauses the action to explain the situations and make a few jokes about it. This change of rythm in the storytelling is really interesting and takes away some of the frustration when the action is too fast paced for the viewer to follow.

Ultimate Spider-man

X-men evolution: This X-men anime shows x-men characters as teenagers. It targeted a younger audience but the story was good. I liked how the characters could combine their very different powers to get out of tricky situations. This is really inspiring for gameplay interactions in multiplayer video games.

X-men evolution

Wolverine and the X-men: This X-men anime followed X-men evolution and is definitely darker. Wolverine is contacted by Xavier from a devastated future to reunite the X-men and save the world of its impending destruction. The characters' race against the clock provides deep immersion into the story.

Wolverine and the X-men