Rock model

Apr 2013

After the goblin model creation, we were in need of some modular rocks to add on the desert terrain I made with world machine. So I decided to create high quality rocks and figure out the right process to do it.


I've found some very inspiring pictures for the desert rocks on these websites:

I selected four different shapes but for our desert I started with the one in the center.

Rocks sketch

The process

High poly

I created a basic model under 3Ds Max and started to sculpt it under Mudbox. Then I used the high poly model as a you use a brush in Photoshop under 3DCoat. I created a more realistic shape by adding and subtracting voxels to the model and then exported the result under high poly mesh.

Low poly

To create a low poly version I used MeshLab decimate algorithm. Then I imported it under 3Ds Max again to create the UV texture.

Normal map

I used xNormal to create the normal map. You can also create a cavity and edge map. I then edited the resulting normal map in CrazyBump to adjust it.


After that I made 2 textures using Mudbox to paint directly on the model, one realistic and the other close to our cartoonish style in Ô. Here are the two resulting rocks.

Rock model 1Rock model 2

The result

I made a short turn around video with Mudbox to show you the result.

What's next

Next, I will design more models and combine them to create the shape on the center of the concept drawing. The idea is to create a modular design to make the most of my creations.


Many thanks to Amir Abdaoui for his great tutorial.