SFR DSL modem migration

Nov 2008

"SFR (an orphan acronym of Société française de radiotéléphone) is a French telecommunications company. It provides services for mobile phone, landline, internet, IP television and mobile internet to consumers and businesses. As of 2012, it has 21 million customers, and provides 5 million households with high-speed internet access" (source: Wikipedia).

The project

In 2007, SFR launched its first ADSL commercial offer and acquired Tele2 activities in France. In 2008, we were contacted to supervise the migration of thousands of modems from an auto-configuration server based in Sweden to a new one in France. We integrated Motorola softwares and used them to program migration campaigns. Each batch of modems were closely supervised and we analyzed tons of data everyday to insure a smooth migration.

I remember having long days of work but in the end each DSL modem were transfered.

This was my first big project and I learned a lot from my workmates and I want to thank them again here.