My skills are organized around 3 major trees: Programming, Art and Project management.



  • Video game development (Unity, Ogre3D, OpenGL)
  • Web development (Drupal, Php, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, WebGL)
  • User interface developement (CEGUI)
  • 6+ years of professional coding experience
  • Experience with demanding clients (McDonald's France, government agencies for both France and Belgium, prestigious engineer schools and Telecom companies)
  • Constantly learning new programming languages
  • Algorithmic thinking, optimization
  • Committed to open-source communities: Ogre3D, Drupal and CEGUI
  • Provide advanced programming trainings

Project management

  • 3 years of technical project management with SCRUM leading up to 12 developers and graphic designers
  • Drupal lead developer for 2 years
  • User requirements gathering and analysis
  • Code review (gerrit)
  • Software forge (redmine)
  • Documentaiton and tutorial writing
  • Guild master for 10 years, leading up to 200 members at the guild's apogee and organizing events

2D/3D Graphics

  • Art (Photoshop, Inkscape, The Gimp)
  • 3D modeling (3DS Max, Mudbox)
  • Texturing (xNormal, CrazyBump)
  • Webdesign
  • GUI design (demos for CEGUI during GSOC 2012)
  • Drawing (tablet and Inkling)