Space themed menu

Jul 2012

A new logo and a website are good tools to improve your visibility but a demo has more impact. So when I heard that CEGUI demos were chosen for the Google Summer of Code 2012, I decided to help Lukas "Ident" Meindl to create nice demos for his project. The first challenge was the Space themed menu. I loved working on that menu, I tried to change a little bit from the usual rectangular menus and designed the menu as a planet and its orbiting satellites. I also added some horizontal lines when the menu items are opened of the type you would expect in a futuristic augmented reality interface. The global design is very light and clean and animations are smooth. The overall feeling is calm and cool as a futuristic space cruise.


Space gui are often blue. Blue is the color of the sea and the sky and the color of our planet. Therefore it is also the color of exploration and new frontiers. Light blue is often the color of tranquility and dark blue the color of depth. Futuristic designs also call for clean shapes that help you to stay cool in the deep space where nobody can hear you.

CEGUI space menu demo

Animation video

We kept the menu animation simple and soft for the demo. For a final project, I would keep menu animations simple because usually you want quick access to menu items and every second counts.


This demo was a big plus for CEGUI and attracted many developers. I'm proud to say that I contributed to boost CEGUI visibility with this demo and I would gladly do it again in the future.

What's next?

I plan to add more planets on the video and use the beautiful artwork of "Licoti" here (big picture) as inspiration so you can switch from a planet to another and improve the animations on the menu items. For a final project you could also add an animated planet behind the menu.


The code is included in the latest CEGUI release (in samples / GameMenu), you can download it here. Be sure to read the license here before using it and to thank Lukas "Ident" Meindl for his work.

The Space themed menu demo received tons of feedback and it is the most watched video on our Youtube channel!

Martin Preisler, CEGUI core developer