About me

Best video game memories

I played a lot of video games but some of them had something special that made them an unforgettable gaming experience. Keep in mind I also enjoyed playing many other games but since I can't list them all here, so I chose the ones that will influence me as part of my gaming culture as a video game designer.

My favourite animes

I really enjoy watching animes because they convey a lot of emotions and they are not as limited by the advancement of special effects technology as movies are. When animating a character you are not limited to the human body and can exaggerate expressions or movements to deliver a wide range of messages. Here is a list of my favourite animes with comments.


About culture

I believe that one's culture and aspirations can make a difference during each project. It influences our pencil when we're drawing and the way we interact with other people. Here are some elements of my own culture.