Video game

2D platform game made with Unity. This is my current project.
Unity school project. C# programming, game and level design, balancing.
Ogre3D, C++, game design, assets creation, background writing.
C++ card game school project.


GUI design and implementation with CEGUI and Ogre3D libraries.
Nice cook themed gui design for the Google Summer of Code 2012 with CEGUI team.
Menu demo design for the Google Summer Of Code 2012 with CEGUI team.

Web development

New logo design and responsive website creation for the open-source GUI library.
Mobile theme development for McDonald's France new website.
User account development and Drupal module development for a microfinance website.

3D graphics

Realistic desert terrain generation with World Machine.
Goblin character design, low-poly modeling and texturing.
Modeling and texturing highly detailed modular rocks.

2D Graphics

2D props design and implementation in Unity for a 2D platform video game.
Creating civilization logos based on 14 different mythologies.


Worskhops organization with French and Dutch speaking groups, providing trainings and project management with SCRUM.
Project management with SCRUM, design integration workshops organization, client relationship management.
Leading a team of 12 people, beginners coaching, project management.


DSL modems supervision dashboard creation.
SIP phones auto-configuration software development and testing.
Supervising DSL modem migration from an auto-configuration tool to another.